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SEAL Training & Consulting has experience handling Security Management Systems, Media Handling, Media Monitoring, Baseline Study, Stakeholder Mapping, and Monitoring & Evaluation (MoNev) and Social Return On Investment (SROI)


SEAL Training & Consulting is supported by experts in the field of security, strategy and communication also media who are experienced and have national and international certification.


Management Systems

SEAL Training & Consulting, is able to make a meaningful contribution to the development of an integrated management system and become one of the influential consultants and experts in Indonesia, so as to help companies to implement this Security Management System based on standards to manage risks and improve company performance through strategies and approaches in business processes, value-added approaches,   management of change. As well as placing consultants and experts who have "passion" and experience

Media Handling

Media handling is also an effort to build good relations with the media. By understanding the programs and variety of media editorials, it becomes a step to build relationships with the media.

Media monitoring aims to detect and anticipate early the content of an article, news or news script, and mass media advertising. Where the content relates to an event, regarding who, why it can happen, related public resources, policies, and the impact of what happens or must be anticipated and other things.

Baseline Study

A baseline study is basically a collection of data about the situation in the community you want to work in before your project starts. It is a detailed description of the status quo. This can be in the form of a survey, research, interviews or other ways of data collection. When you set up a good baseline study at the beginning of your project, all conclusions you make later about the results you achieved are based on the steady ground


Stakeholder mapping becomes an important strategy that must be passed by the company or organization. The goal is to minimize the possibility of miscommunication, bias, misperception, multiperception, and not on target.

In this way, the company or organization can determine communication techniques and instruments for each stakeholder that wants to be addressed so that the potential to produce effective communication and achieve goals becomes higher. No less important than stakeholder mapping is to change stakeholder behavior in accordance with what the company or organization expects.

Evaluation (MonEv)

Monitoring and Evaluation is used to observe developments and assess the performance of organizations, projects, programs, and policies generally carried out by governments, international organizations, NGOs, civil society groups, and other organizations.

The aim is to improve transparency and accountability of organizational governance, projects, programs, and policies; and learn about the output, outcomes and impacts of each organization's interventions, projects, programs, and policies both ongoing and future.

Social Return
Investment (SROI)

SROI is a measurement to make it easier for a particular organization to understand and manage existing social, environmental and economic values. SROI is usually used to identify what values have differences and impacts between the culture and the community in the place. SROI asserts that the social value of an activity is not fixated on the costs spent.

SROI presents the economic, social, and environmental impacts experienced by stakeholders as a result of the implementation of a program and compares the value of the impact on investments issued.

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